Details on El Cid Resort

The El Cid Conference Center is one of Mexico’s finest meeting and convention facilities. Groups enjoy outstanding resort amenities while being served by a staff dedicated to making the gathering a success. The resort is comprised of several hotels, restaurants and meeting rooms which make El Cid the best option in Mazatlan to organize meetings.

The resort is located approximately 10 miles (20 minutes) from the airport.  The complex includes three hotels (Castilla, Moro, and Granada) which are connected and next to each other, and one (Marina) about three miles away.  There are also 14 different restaurants between the four locations, including specialty venues that serve Italian, Japanese, Argentinian and traditional Mexican foods that are included in the all-inclusive deal.  The hotels are located on a busy street with other food/shopping options (some of which are included in the all-inclusive deal and some not).  The conference center is located between the Castilla and Moro hotels.

The pricing listed on this site is for the all-inclusive package which includes all food, drinks (well liquor and state beer like Pacifico), lodging, and amenities which are shared between Castilla, Moro, and Granada locations.


Posted February 6, 2014 by fisheriestn