Outdoor Activities in Mazatlan

City and Shopping tours

In Mazatlan you can take one of the many city tours that hotels offers, visiting the highlights of Mazatlan such as: Shopping areas, The Old Mazatlan area where you will see fantastic old style buildings such as: The Majestic “Angela Peralta Theater”, The Oldest Town Bakery, Casa Machado, The School of Art, the Downtown to visit the famous open market, and The Cathedral, the famous cliff divers on Olas Altas Avenue, and many other interesting constructions that make this city unique in the north west of México.

The Mazatlan Aquarium

Unique on the western coast of the Pacific Ocean, it is one of Mazatlan’s main attractions. It is considered one of the best aquariums in Mexico. The Mazatlan Aquarium is a transparent way for its visitors to get to know its marine life.

Observe more than 300 aquatic species from different parts of the world in a perfect recreation of their natural habitat. Comfortably and safely observe everything from Sixgill Sharks to the inoffensive Sea Horses, be surprised by the piranhas’ wickedness; a whole marine world of splendor and learning. The excitement rises while meeting each and every one of the inhabitants of this wonderful life space dedicated to the exhibition of marine species that exist in the Pacific Coast and the rest of the oceans, all of which posses high scientific value. The Mazatlan Aquarium’s prime objective is that the spectators learn to respect the marine ecosystem, which we all dependent upon and are an intrinsic part of, through the knowledge of marine species.

The aquarium currently presents shows in which the protagonists lead marvelous performances; like the seals that dance, sing, and play, as well as the graceful macaws and cockatoos. It is considered as the best show of its type, nationally. The museum also offers pictorial exhibitions, photographs, and a souvenir shop, elaborated with materials extracted from the bottom of the sea, that give the Mazatlan Aquarium an extra attraction.

The Marine Turtles Permanent Protection Program, operating since 1991 helps in the protection of marine turtles through different activities such as: collection and protection of nests, egg incubation, and finally the baby turtles liberation in the beaches of Mazatlan.

The Aquarium’s Botanical Garden, next to the Aquarium, where visitors can get to know the regional flora and fauna. Inside this garden there’s a small zoo that hosts deer and crocodiles that stroll freely among the pond’s cascades, as well as hundreds of birds of different species.

Sport Fishing

The warm, tropical waters off the Pacific coasts of Mexico provide a treasure trove of opportunities for the “catch of a lifetime”. Even common food fish grow to tackle-busting size and ferocity in the teeming waters that beach Mazatlán. There’s truly something to keep every angler hookin’ and haulin’ denizens of the not-so-deep. Here are some sport favorites that’ll put a smirk on your face in no time.

Mexico welcomes nearly 100,000 sport fishermen yearly. The great diversity of both salt and fresh water species positions Mazatlan as one of the privileged places throughout the world for the practice of sport fishing. The waters around Mazatlan provide some of the finest sport fishing in the world.

You can fish from the shore for species such as snappers, weakfish, rock fish, grouper, flatfish and sea bass, or you can adventure away from the shore to catch Dorado, mackerel, skipjack, bonito, and bill fish. Of the nine species exclusively reserved for sport fishing worldwide, seven are available in Mazatlan’s sea.

If you like to fish on continental waters, just outside Mazatlan you can also find suitable reservoirs in which you will find bass, carp, perch, and tilapia.

If you are interested, fish can be donated to a 501(c)(3) non-profit, the Tres Islas Orphanage Fund (www.orphanagefunds.org), which supports five orphanages in the area.   Please contact them at: email@orphanagefunds.org and they will make arrangements for the fish to be accepted at one of the orphanages (usually folks use an aurigaa – small red taxi truck – to get their fish to the home).

Juvenile Turtle Liberation

This activity is done in agreement with the local Aquarium. Persons interested will free turtles born in captivity from the turtle’s eggs collected at the local beaches. This is done on the beaches of Mazatlan, or at the estuary of El Verde, just 18km north of Mazatlán.


This is an exciting experience for all ages. I’d recommend taking a camera with you to get some really good scenic aerial shots. The most common spots for take off and other rentals are: south to north near Los Sabalos, Costa de Oro, El Cid, and Pueblo Bonito resorts.

Jet Skis, Kayaking, Sailing, and Boogie Board Surfing

Jet Skis, Hobie Cat Sailing, and Boogie Board Surfing are other rental water activities in the resort zone. Surfing is best in the south of the Golden Zone near Valentinos and in the north at Playa Bruja. If spend time at Playa Bruja, besides surfing, wading, swimming, looking for sea shells, you can take a horse rides.


Crystal, morning, perfect, overhead, point-surf, light off-shores, and warm, tropical conditions. This is what some of Mazatlan’s beaches offer to the surfers. Please consider that Mazatlan is a protected bay. When tourists come to Mazatlan, they often assume the surf conditions are temporarily flat due, in no small measure, to the tiny waves lapping up at their feet in front of their hotels. Traveling just a few minutes away from their hotel/s, they come to find that they were mistaking Mazatlan’s long waterfront for the open ocean.

Swimming and Snorkeling

Snorkeling at Deer island includes getting an amphibian ride to the island from the El Cid resort. This can be a full day picnic activity for the whole family that could include hiking, swimming or just laying around. Take some food and refreshments as they can be limited or non-existent on the island.

Cetacean Xplorer (Dolphin Watching Expedition)

You can search and observe cetaceans in their natural habitat in Mazatlan. The company Onca Explorations promoting whale and dolphin research, and conservation in the region. Our research project “Fins and Tails of the Bay” is focused on local populations of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) inhabiting the coastal waters off Mazatlan and southern Sinaloa, as well as Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) that transit through these waters during their winter migration.

By taking pictures of the dolphins´ dorsal fins (Photo-identification), the crew, composed of oceanographers and naturalists, will be collecting information that will help us determine several aspects of these species natural history, like their distribution, movements, social structure, and behavior. If you participate in this activity, you will be contributing to the research effort Onca Explorations is doing to promote whale and dolphin conservation and environmental consciousness in the region.


Not only is the climate here ideal for golf, Mazatlan offers some of the best rates for top-rate golf in Mexico! El Cid Mega Resort’s 18-hole course is complemented with the addition of nine new holes built at its sister resort, Marina El Cid. The Marina Nine, as the course is called, was designed by Lee Treviño using water on seven of the nine holes. Golf Today has rated the course “an absolute winner.” This beautiful course is situated in the heart of the Golden Zone and is surrounded by the El Cid marina.

This professionally-designed, PGA-rated par 72, 6,472 yard 18-hole golf course is open from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm daily. A driving range and putting green are also located at the course. Club and cart rentals are available in addition to caddies. To compliment the course, El Cid offers golfers the usual club amenities: a pro shop, caddies and carts, plus a sauna, hot tub and gym.

The El Cid Golf & Country Club has played host to many international golf events and is situated on a biological reserve that is home to deer, turtles, fish, exotic birds, and crocodiles in a natural setting. The course is known for its excellent views and for its lakes. El Cid Mazatlan offers a challenge to all skill levels. A 3rd nine, designed by Lee Treviño has recently been added to complete this wonderful 27 hole layout.

Mountain Biking

Mazatlán is a paradise for mountain bikers. Several competitions take place here all year long; Mazatlan hosted the 2000 edition of the Tissot-UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, with bikers racing and partying like a bunch of college kids in the spring break haven of Mazatlan.

In Mazatlan you can find excellent courses such as bitachi, hediondera, and piedras blancas, as well as different MTB routes through the rain forest. There are local companies which organize MTB tours, or you can rent a bike for the day and go wherever you want for $8 US dollars. The fare includes helmet.



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