Mazatlan’s Restaurants

Mazatlan’s dining scene centers on seafood, particularly shrimp, lobster and fish; but, also there are many typical Mexican food and international food restaurants along Golden Zone and Downtown. Almost all tend to be casual, serving bountiful and reasonably priced meals, you can have a complete meal (starter, entrée, dessert and drink) for as little as $3.50 US dollars.

All restaurants serve purified water, purified ice, and their salads are safe to eat. Be aware the Mexican tradition is never to bring the bill unless it is asked for. Most restaurants will take VISA or Mastercard. American Express is not widely accepted. Fiesta Nights are popular particularly the ones held at the El Cid, Pueblo Bonito and Playa Mazatlán hotels.


Posted July 14, 2013 by fisheriestn