Transportation in Mazatlan

Mazatlan Airport Transfers

From the airport you can get round-trip airport transfers to all Mazatlan hotels and resorts. All vehicles are new, clean, air conditioned, seven passenger vans or five passengers taxis. You can choose a non-stop private service or you can share the service getting one or two stops. All drivers are bilingual and they can give support assistance in the case of lost or delayed luggage.

Public Buses, Taxis, and Pulmonias

The 380 buses operated within the city of Mazatlan are each owned by respective drivers and driven along routes established by the Alianza, a union that regulates bus operations in the city. On April 2001, new buses were added to Mazatlan’s public transit system. These new buses, green in color, run through the Golden Zone, which is the main coastal road to cater tourism. The fare is $7.50 pesos (about 70 US cents) regardless of your destination and time of day. General hours of bus operation are between 5:00 am and 10:30 pm. If you take the “old” buses to travel around the city limits, the fare would be $ 3.90 pesos (39 US cents). If your final destination is out on the highway or it’s past 9pm, it’ll cost you $4.40 pesos. A separate fare must be paid on each connecting bus.

All Golden zone Hotels have a 24 hour taxi service, that are very safe and incredibly cheap, but staying in Mazatlan you can choose between a common taxi or a pulmonia.

Pulmonias are open-air taxis, little more than fiberglass go-carts powered by Volkswagen Bug engines. When they first arrived here 36 years ago, jealous drivers of regular taxis warned their customers not to ride in the door-less, window-less vehicles because they would catch pneumonia (pulmonia). The name stuck.

Car Rentals

The major car rental agencies can all be found within the Golden Zone. They include:

Budget Price National
402 Camarón Sábalo Ave. 224 Camarón Sábalo Ave. 7000 Camarón Sábalo Ave
Tel.- 913-20-00 Tel.- 986-66-16 Tel.- 913-60-00
Hertz Avis AGA
134 Camarón Sábalo Ave 333-3 Camarón Sábalo Ave 316 Camarón Sábalo Ave
Tel.- 95 (800) 654-30-30 Tel.- 914-00-40 Tel.- 914-44-05

Similar to Canada and the USA, you need to have a credit card and usually be over 25 years old to rent a car. If you would like to make reservations for a rental before you come down, try the Mazatlan Budget Rental Cars online service.
Also available for rent within the city are scooters and dune buggies. Most of these rental agencies are also found along Av. Camaron Sabalo Ave in the Golden Zone.


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